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Design                                  Earbud | Type: Laptops, Mobiles, TabletsStereo Dynamic Headphone
Compatible With:               Gaming Console
Noise Cancellation            No
Bluetooth Support:            No | Wired
Headphone Jack:               3.5

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74 in stock

Mi earphones

Mi earphones is an equipment device that converts electrical energy into sound waves or sound energy and is worn over ears or wears over ears to listen any sound is called Handsfree.The device which is worn over or inserted into the ears and is ready for listening anything (such as music’s or a radio frequency) without having other people hear it that is personal devices which can be used self only is called Handsfree.

Mi earphones- Why Need this

Headphones or Handsfree is a pair of small loudspeakers drivers that are designed to be easily worn in the ears that are electronically transducers to convert an electrical signal to a corresponding sound in the user’s ears. Hands-free used a band frequency over the top loudspeakers in place to create the sound effect, which we listen to it. Its top part of the earphones which worn under the ears are made up of nylon rubber which is very soft to easily wear in any one’s ears and known as ear buds or earpieces and in middle have the microphones and button section for receiving any phone calls or remote changer for your songs or videos on your mobile consoles and in the tail have their 0.35mm jack to connect your earphones to your mobile which plug into the user’s ear canal. In the telecom world, a hands-free play an imported role to operate your mobile devices hassle free and is a combination of loudspeakers and microphone.

Now in recent years Xiaomi mi makes himself as a reputed brand in telecom world and have manufactured lots of variety in mobiles, Power Banks, Earphones and Mobiles Accessories.

Mi earphones type ear buds Earphones are one of the best Earphones in their segments, which have tremendous and terrific sound quality and a perfect balancing of Bass and Terrible, which is suitable for your ears. Mi Earphone is just another one of the top quality products from the house of various other Mi products that always deliver quality in sound with surround bass & treble, a feeling of value for money and user satisfaction for the consumer.The earphone has universal use as it has a 3.5mm jack which is standard audio jack size. The design and style are extremely trendy and comfortable.The cable of the earphone is durable as it is cotton braided which makes it long lasting. Get the Ultimate Earphones Collection here.

Cautions: Remember Please do not listen to any earphones in its very high sound volume it may cause you’re listening efficiency and may damage your ears. So please take care of your belongings and enjoy the music and videos with a medium level of sound.

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