Spider Man Home coming Series 13000 mAh Power Bank

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Spider Man Home coming Series 13000 mAh Power Bank

Spider Man Home coming Series 13000 mAh Power Bank– We are going to talk about this multi functional charging appliance which cannot be used for static charging but also functions as a portable charger.

The Spiderman Home Coming charger is an excellent way to tell the world what you enjoy. The charger is stylish, sleek in design and light. Its dimensions are 19*12*3 cms. The charger is very reliable and will make sure your phone doesn’t run out of charge at critical moments. Always keep your phone working with this charger, and show the world how much you love your favorite superhero, Spiderman.

The Battery Capacity of the Charger

The charger has a multi tasking Qualcomm Snapdragon 4.0 PCB circuit of around 2.1 amps and comes well equipped in a safe manner and a single output USB port. When talking about numbers, the capacity of the charger is quantified around 13000 mAh but even though after using it for a few days, you’ll be convinced it works way better than other commercially available 13000 mAh battery chargers. The Charger usually charges itself pretty quickly and easily as long as you spend a few hours to provide an AC supply to its input USB port.

More exciting features:

  1. Is universal in nature: Can go with Samsung, Sony, and almost every other phone brand, and is also applicable to a lot of mobile related USB appliances such as tablets, and iPods.
  2. Li-ion battery: It is a lithium ion battery
  3. It’s 2.1 Amp power output is genuine and trustworthy. This unique portable charger also comes with the unique facility of changing the power output to the one you desire or your device requires. The power outputs can alternate between 1 A and 2.1 A.
  4. Its power source is a 5V AC adapter.
  5. Extremely Stylish and sleek. Its design is one of a kind when you look for portable chargers on the market; You can show the world how much you love your favorite superhero, Spiderman!
  6. Lightweight: You should be well familiar with how inconvenient it can be to carry around heavy appliances in today’s day and age. Well, you can put those worries at bay, because Spiderman Home coming to Portable Battery Charger is extremely lightweight and portable in nature, weighing at just 300 gms.


Spider Man Home coming Series 13000 mAh Power Bank- Whenever you’re buying an electrical appliance or device, no matter how reputed the company is or promising their products are, there is always a possibility of the product malfunctioning over time. So, to make sure their customers are satisfied a replacement or servicing warranty is given. The Spiderman Homecoming charger also has a 3 months manufacturer warranty, which is an offsite warranty. They cover manufacturing defects, but any physical damage to the product is not covered by the warranty.

Hence, you can see how amazing this charger is and why you should not think twice before investing in it.



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