Cancellation Policy

If you want to cancel the product, you are only eligible for canceling that order if it’s ready to ship yet. If once the order has shipped then you are not able to cancel that order. In another case, if you want to cancel the product which has been shipped by us then you have to submit the cancellation request, and we will try to process the cancellation with our logistics partners. This procedure can take some days, and there also may be delivery attempts made by us. In case if the item delivered, you have to accept that order. After that our return and refund policies will take place. In spite of the fact that we expect to deliver our order, but sometimes we may cancel few orders.

Used Mobile Phone/ Refurbished / Unboxed Category Products Only:

We give 2 days to every customer to replace our product if it is damaged, wrong product, Defective and dead products. In other words, we can say that customers can replace the product in minimum 2 days from the date of delivery.

  • In case if the product is wrong and damaged you must be reported to us within 24 hours of the delivery. You can contact us with call and emails. You should have some images and small video clips of that product and box, and provide us to get the quick process of replacing.
  • We only replace your order and arrange the replacement of that product. We start our process when we get your product completely unused and with all accessories.

All replace process handled through the call, email, and website by our customer care. You can call anytime (10 am to 7 pm all working day except Sunday and Holiday) with all your queries on this related issue. Once, we have received your confirmation request. We will let you know when your product will be delivered. We will provide the delivery date and docket id ASAP. In the case when we are not able to arrange a pickup process at your region, then you have to ship your product to us. We will give your courier charges as a discount coupon with the maximum charge up to Rs 250 only. We take minimum 15 to 20 working days for replacement of the product.

Terms for Branded New products:

  • If you get the defect in any product, please contact the manufacturer directly for information about manufacturer’s warranty.
  • There is no return policy will be applicable on new Smartphone and accessories.
  • There is no any warranty on a free item with products.